Sunday, October 26, 2008

Published Article - Fred Thomson

I almost forgot! Friday I got my copy of Leben magazine, which features an article from yours truly!

Leben is, according to their Web site, "A quarterly, four-color magazine that tells the stories of the Protestant Reformers and those who have followed in their footsteps through the ages."

I was contacted a few months ago about having my Silent Star of the Month biography of Fred Thomson included in the magazine, and was thrilled to have been asked. It's always nice to hear that modern audiences would find the stars (or any aspect, really) of the silent era interesting.

The site hasn't been updated with the new issue (as of this writing), but I assume it will be in the coming days (if you're interested to see the cover and my name/the article on it - chances are, this will be of interest only to my family, and only because they have to pretend to be excited; it's part of the deal).


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