Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It is ON!

It could just be me - I've not been as good as I'd like in keeping up with what's going on with silents on the web, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but I recently found this wonderful site, "Movies Silently," and been enjoying it.

If you already knew about it, then yay! (And shame on you for not suggesting I link to it.) If you haven't visited, well then, now's a good time to start, by voting in "The Silent Leading Man Tournament."

I can't wait to see who wins these rounds. Should be fun!

And on an unrelated note, Happy New Year, everyone! Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2014 - may it be the best one yet!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Help Save Essanay!

I wrote about Essanay Studios in Chicago a while back...

Following them on Facebook, their fundraising campaign is still going:

After appearing in a handful of films for Essanay, including "Detective Dorothy," 4-year-old Sadie Frances Osman made a film with Chicago's own Selig Polyscope. Following that, she retired from the film business. She remained in Illinois with her parents, continued her education, and married Gene Barrett. Frances, as she was known following her departure from showbiz, stayed in Illinois and died in 2001.

Time is running out! Help us preserve our rich legacy, and discover more about the stars that passed through our doors by supporting our restoration campaign http://bit.ly/HY3sG2.

Please help and donate if you can!