Friday, November 27, 2009

New Updates

A free day has left me a lot of time to do some routine maintenance to the site, as well as add new links, etc.

Some of note:

A site on Karl Dane;
a new one for Colleen Moore;
additional articles available from Bright Lights Film Journal;
new items in the store, and a whole lot more! (Sorry for the rhyme.)

If you haven't taken a run through the links available on At the Movies, then now would be a great time!

British Silent Movie Stunt

I received an interesting email from the BBC this week. Stephen Stafford wrote in to alert me to an article that describes one of the most expensive and extensive movie stunts in British silent film history: The complete destruction of a train.

The film, The Wrecker, was recently digitally restored, remastered and rescored by composer Neil Brand.

According to the article, "Remarkably, the real crash in The Wrecker is still regarded as the most spectacular rail crash in British cinema history."

Very interesting article, and another film to add to the "buy" list.

The BBC was also kind enough to include a link to WTSM; thank you very much!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brooks and Garbo

Was doing a little poking about on the Web today, and came across two small bios/photos of Louise Brooks and Greta Garbo on

They are lovely.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Douglas Fairbanks: 125 Years Old and Still Going Strong!

In an effort to bring you yesterday's news today, I went trawling around the L.A. Times Web site.

Chances are, this article may have made the rounds and I just missed it. But in case it didn't, here is a story on Douglas Fairbanks and Sparrow Morgan, who first organized a memorial for him in 2003 and continues to do so (at least as late as 2008, when the article was first published).

A nice story on how silents continue to fascinate and enthrall audiences even now!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Harold Lloyd's Christmas Tree

Normally I get annoyed at people who trot out holiday-themed decorations, et. al. right after Halloween, but I loved this story so much I didn't want to wait.

It's a story from the L.A. Times on Harold Lloyd and his infamous annual Christmas tree. Lovers of the holiday, Lloyd and his wife would decorate the tree to within an inch of its life.

It's an interesting story, accompanied by a wonderful picture. You won't want to miss it.

(ETA: Here's a link to some interior shots of Greenacres and the tree.)