Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Cecil B. DeMille Estate

I've mentioned the Real Estalker on the blog before; last time it was on what was left of Pickfair and the exorbitant amount the property was being sold for. (I'd dig for the posting, but I'm up later than I should be so I'll try to look for it this weekend.)

Anyways, I ran across a reference to the Cecil B. DeMille estate in a recent posting at RE, and it in turn referenced a year-old posting on the sale of the house that DeMille built.

One word: Gorgeous. That is a home I could absolutely live in: historic, warm, and with a fabulous library I'd own if I could.

Even if you don't read the listing, see the pictures.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Feature

Another article from Motion Picture magazine, May, 1918.

Titled, "Chatter Culled on the Spot, or, Visiting the New Selznick Studio," the article follows the exploits of the author as she tries to get to the Bronx and interview a celebrity. Instead, she has a nice chat with the doorman, who fills her in on all the latest studio gossip. (Not really, but that's the set-up.)

Interesting for many reasons: The article features some information on Rita Jolivet, the stage and film actress and Lusitania survivor; and the studio in question is the studio of Lewis J. Selznick, father of David O. Selznick, legendary Hollywood producer (i.e. "Gone With the Wind," "Rebecca," and a few others). The studio would eventually move to California in 1920, where Selznick Senior would go bankrupt by 1923.

It's a glimpse into a time and place that there isn't really a whole lot of information about.

They're easy to miss, so don't: At the bottom of the page are links to sites on Jolivet, Selznick, and Florence Reed, whom our intrepid reporter finally gets to interview.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Box Set from Kino

I just got this in my mailbox:

In March, Kino will be issuing a 6-DVD box set of F.W. Murnau films. As described on their Web site:

All six films included in the box set, The Haunted Castle (1921), Nosferatu (1922), The Last Laugh (1924), The Finances of the Grand Duke (1924), Tartuffe (1925), and Faust (1926) have been recently restored by the Murnau Foundation and Transit Films, Germany, and were mastered from 35mm archival materials.

Of these six films, three of them are new to DVD in the US: Faust, being presented in a restoration of the German release edit never seen in the US, as well as The Haunted Castle and The Finances of the Grand Duke, both being made available for the first time in the US.

Also, they're having a sale, with some silents included. (I ordered one of the Murnau films, The Haunted Castle, and The Cat and the Canary - a favorite, and on sale.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Feature, New Link

A couple of new goodies for you:

When I first posted the Kromo Gravure photos into the Photo Album, I had no idea who she was — and, frankly, didn't care. Probably another star who burned brightly and then flamed out, I figured; it's such an old story as to be a cliche. But then when I posted another photo of her in the "Vitagraph Players" postcard series, I started to wonder, who is this person?, particularly as she looked so young. Serendipity, again: Not long ago I was going through some books in my (personal) library and moved a stack of old fan magazines. Curious, (it had been a while since I'd looked through them, and I'm always looking for items for the site), to my surprise, there it was: an article on Adele De Garde! I've reprinted it, along with a (sadly very) brief biography.

(My secret wish: One of her descendants would email me and let me know what happened to her, i.e. why she quit the movies so suddenly and what she did afterwards. Five kids; there's gotta be grandkids, right? I'll keep my fingers crossed...)

Also included is a new link, this one to the Young Hollywood Hall of Fame. Of interest to silent fans: The years 1908-1919 and the 1920s. Includes at least one picture, along with nickname(s), film company, notable factoid, and a separate page of additional photos, etc. if available. Very interesting!


Friday, February 6, 2009

New Photo Album!

Yes, it's true: There's a new photo album up!

This one is of the Vitagraph Players. It's a set of postcards I (use macro) bought on eBay years ago.

There's only 5 postcards, but they're still wonderful.