Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Modern Times" at LACO

Recently I was pleased and honored to be asked to write an article for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Every year they hold a silent film screening; this year's offerings are two Chaplin films, in honor of his 125th birthday: Kid Auto Races in Venice and Modern Times.

Kid Auto Races in Venice is notable not only for observing its 100th birthday this year but for featuring the first Chaplin's Little Tramp character in its first full debut. While the Tramp had made an appearance in Mabel's Strange Predicament, Venice is the first film with the Tramp as star.

But I'm giving away too much! If you live in the Los Angeles area, information on attending the screening can be found on their website, and my article can be found on their blog.

Many thanks to LACO for asking me to be a part (albeit a small one) of their celebration.



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