Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Got a Lot of Money?

Then perhaps you'd like to buy the Raymond Rohauer Collection!

I just received an email from a Matt Hardy of Wyles & Hardy that the collection is up for sale.

Here's the contents of the email:

Silent & Classic Film Library.

Extensive rights and income stream available immediately.

Renowned as custodian of Buster Keaton’s work, the Raymond Rohauer Collection extends further to over 700 titles including two of the most influential movies of all time in the AFI's “100 years 100 movies 10th Anniversary List”.

The collection includes the Harry Langdon and Douglas Fairbanks Libraries, plus the Paramount Shorts and Pendennis Libraries.

Important material is also held relating to the films of D.W. Griffith and other influential film makers and actors of the silent and classic cinema era.

The collection is of significant historical importance with irreplaceable material relating to early cinema history.

Expressions of interest are sought prior to an offer process which will end 30th June 2011.

Please contact:
Matt Hardy FRICS
E: rohauer@wyleshardy.com
Tel: +44(0)1442 832234
Fax: +44(0)1442 834342

On Behalf of the N.G. Edwards Esq. and L.A. Manning of Deloitte LLP Joint Administrators of Douris UK Limited

Anyone want to loan me some money?


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