Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Well, once again we got walloped here in the midwest...I think we got another foot of snow, or if not a foot, damn near.

So, a snow day! Yay! I couldn't get out of my street, much less to work, so I got to stay at home on WTSM, of course.

And work I did, adding a new feature as well as a couple of new facts pages (and cleaning up the appearance/code of the others).

The new feature:
A while ago (more like 10 years ago, when I started shopping on eBay, curse the day), I bought an interesting set of "paper dolls" featuring actors from the Christie Comedies. I never really knew much about Christie Studios, so while posting the figures I wrote up what I could on Al and Charlie Christie, which isn't much but as much as I could find in my (home) library. They're a fun set, and I hope you enjoy them!

I won't say much about the new facts, since...they're facts; if I told you all about what I posted I wouldn't need the new pages. So I'm linking to the main facts page; from there you can see what's new and take a look.

Enjoy! I'm off to enjoy the rest of my snow day, and dig my car out later (after the snowplows come through -- I learned my lesson the hard way last time).


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