Friday, September 19, 2008

Silent Movies at MOMA

I happen to be in New York City this weekend, so I'm planning to head out to MOMA this evening, to see a silent film as part of the Hollywood on the Hudson: Filmmaking in New York, 1920–39 exhibition.

Tonight's movie is While New York Sleeps. I'm looking forward it it; it's supposed to have some wonderful scenes of New York in 1920.

I'll update when I can, and let you know how it was.


Blogger Unknown said...

WHILE NEW YORK SLEEPS, intrepid newspapermen work to solve a series of murders involving the robberies of bonds, the mysterious "suicide" of an insurance investigator, and an infamous practical joker. Will the newspaperman get to first base with his would-be honey if he gets her out of an ingenious frame up? This is a pretty good, smoothly directed 30s mystery series picture from the excellent B-unit at Fox, which is also responsible for Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto. This isn't quite in the league with those pictures, mainly because the newspaperman detective is, to put it mildly, an irresponsible jerk. Nevertheless, dermatologo veterinario veterinario the pace is quick enough that we don't end up spending too much time on this anti-hero's most obnoxious moments, and the gentleman is at least amply repaid for the genuinely cruel stunt he pulls in the middle of the picture. Acting is no better or worse than usual, cinematography is fine, pacing is better than average. If you enjoy mysteries, this is a worthwhile find.

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