Sunday, August 2, 2009

More DVD Reviews

I kept meaning to post these in July, but as usual real life (and work) interfered:

The first is a link to a review of a "Becoming Charley Chase," a four-disc collection from VCI Entertainment "that traces the early career of one of the most creative and influential comedians of the era."

The second is a surprise to me; I was not aware that Bardelys the Magnificent had been found, "rediscovered only two years ago in a private collection in France." The double-feature (also including Monte Cristo) is available from Flicker Alley.

Finally, the Times reviews the recently-released boxed set from Kino featuring John Barrymore.

I never fail to comment on how wonderful it is that the Times includes silents in their reviews; what I love the most, though, is their comment, "In a season that has already seen some major additions to the tiny, precious pool of silent films available on DVD..." That's exactly it: A tiny, precious pool that lovers of silent film are so happy to have.


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