Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Feature, New Link

A couple of new goodies for you:

When I first posted the Kromo Gravure photos into the Photo Album, I had no idea who she was — and, frankly, didn't care. Probably another star who burned brightly and then flamed out, I figured; it's such an old story as to be a cliche. But then when I posted another photo of her in the "Vitagraph Players" postcard series, I started to wonder, who is this person?, particularly as she looked so young. Serendipity, again: Not long ago I was going through some books in my (personal) library and moved a stack of old fan magazines. Curious, (it had been a while since I'd looked through them, and I'm always looking for items for the site), to my surprise, there it was: an article on Adele De Garde! I've reprinted it, along with a (sadly very) brief biography.

(My secret wish: One of her descendants would email me and let me know what happened to her, i.e. why she quit the movies so suddenly and what she did afterwards. Five kids; there's gotta be grandkids, right? I'll keep my fingers crossed...)

Also included is a new link, this one to the Young Hollywood Hall of Fame. Of interest to silent fans: The years 1908-1919 and the 1920s. Includes at least one picture, along with nickname(s), film company, notable factoid, and a separate page of additional photos, etc. if available. Very interesting!



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